Beat Banditos Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all of the questions we could remember having been asked in the past. If you have a question that's not on here, please feel free to email or call our agent, Alive Network, on 01782 740839.


How much space do you need?

If performing on a stage, minimum requirements are 2m x 3m. However with our usual wandering routine, we have no particular space requirements as will be moving around amongst your guests.


How is it best to time things?

We are an ideal act for during drinks reception or meal, however we are completely appropriate to get the dancing started too! If the latter is required a perfect idea is for us to make a surprise entrance immediately after speeches / meal etc. We probably aren't best suited to follow a loud disco unless we are onstage with a medium size PA.


Can I pick the bands playlist?

I'd suggest not with us - we often have people ask us not to play a particular song as they don't like it, but of course we play these songs in our own inimitable style and sometimes you may loathe a song but love our interpretation of it! Also the surprise factor is a real selling point, and we do adapt our set as we go along to react to particular audience members and situations. Of course, if you particularly want to make sure we do a specific song or two from our repertoire then please let us know!


Where will you travel to?

We have travelled the UK from Aberdeen to Jersey and are happy to travel beyond that - it must be noted that a journey of over 3 hours might require extra fee for accommodation and much longer than 4 hours might require flight or train fares.


Can I see you play live?

We don't do many public gigs, though keep your eye out for us as we have performed at international sports events, shopping centre promotions, restaurant and bar openings etc. But in general it's more likely there won't be anything totally suitable within weeks.


Will you learn our special song?

You can only ask - not all songs match our style but if possible we will try. We don't really advise performing 1st dances though - this is a song that you want to be special and is better performed via disco or your evening wedding band if you have one.


Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

Absolutely! This conveys the fun and humour that we bring to every performance!


Are you able to DJ in between sets?

This is something we don't really offer though could be provided under certain circumstances for an extra fee.


Can we use your sound system for speeches?

In general we don't provide a PA.


What equipment do you use?

Normally acoustic, though we have wandering PAs that we can wear for slightly louder requirements, and can provide a full 4k PA if required.


Do you have lights?

Again, not normally required but we can if necessary.


How long do you play for?

Standard set is one hour, though longer can be negotiated (up to 2 x 45 mins) though we are very much a novelty act and an hour tends to be perfect.


How long do you take to set up?

If acoustic we'll not need any time to actually set up, just to change etc. In general would be no more than an hour.


Can I provisionally book you?

For a day or two that would be fine, but we are unable to keep dates open beyond that, though we would always try and come back to you if another gig was offered in the meantime.


What will the band wear?

Full Mexican costume as shown on this site on the media page!


Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

We are all members of the Musicians Union which covers insurance, and all equipment is PAT tested (though generally we aren't plugging anything in so this is not needed!)


Why should I book Beat Banditos?

We are unique. There are many mariachi bands around that can perform some modern pop songs, but we perform those all night and are constantly adding to our repertoire. There won't be any obscure songs in our set and we have something for everyone.


Do Beat Banditos have any specific requirements?

We require a secure changing room to leave equipment. relax, tune guitars etc. We would also require some drink and at most events, some food as well.


What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We can play the most intimate of parties - we've played for a dozen guests before - up to university and festival events with thousands in the audience.


How loud will the band be?

Again - acoustically, we tend to entertain small groups at a time, though with our full PA can perform for up to 500 people.


What is the band power requirement?

Normally nothing, if PA and lights are required then we'd need a minimum of 2 normal 13 amp household sockets.


Do Beat Banditos offer any additional services?

We also perform in a function band that can be booked alongside us, contact us for more details!